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Our mission is to unite conservative citizens dedicated to educating, exchanging vital information, and empowering each other in order to reclaim and uphold the core values of the Republican Party. Through collaborative efforts, we aim to rejuvenate the party’s principles, ensuring governance by the people and for the people. By fostering informed discourse and active engagement, we strive to strengthen our collective voice and influence, championing policies that align with our shared conservative beliefs, and thus empower a government that truly serves the interests of its citizens.


At Go Reclaim Georgia, our vision is to restore the heart of the Republican Party in Georgia, fostering a community where conservative values flourish, and genuine representation thrives. We envision a future where the party is driven by the principles of integrity, accountability, and transparency, free from the grips of nepotism and establishment dominance. Through a united front, we aim to connect and empower conservatives, equipping them with the knowledge and tools necessary to actively engage and reclaim ownership of our party. We aspire to create an environment where the GOP in Georgia embodies the true essence of conservatism, where every voice is heard, every opinion respected, and where the leadership is held accountable to the people they serve. Together, we strive to revitalize the Republican Party in Georgia, ensuring it faithfully represents the values and aspirations of its members, fostering a government by the people, for the people.